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Vending machine wireless network monitoring system

With the emergence of the Internet + new retail, today in the city streets, hotels, airports, residential communities, entertainment public places, office buildings, shopping malls, schools and other places, all kinds of retail-enabled self-service vending machines, such as snack vending machines, self-help Juice machines, self-service coffee machines, adult goods vending machines, box-selling machines, self-service couriers, etc., this convenient service method has gradually penetrated people's work and life.

Nowadays, the rapid development of the Internet and information technology has made people put forward more intelligent and convenient needs for products such as vending machines. In order to be able to understand the operating status of the vending machine equipment and the sales data of the goods in real time, solve many management problems in daily operation, improve the operation efficiency and save operating costs, the management of vending machines has gradually become wireless management mode, through the ADAER 4G\5G industrial company. The network terminal connects the vending machine to the cloud server to realize remote control, and automatically processes the query, feedback and fault information of the vending machine sales information, improves efficiency, saves enterprise personnel management cost, thereby improving service efficiency.  The Internet of Everything +5G new retail will be more comprehensive development.

System composition:

The system mainly replaces the front-end vending machine, the ADAER 4G\5G industrial router and the cloud management platform.

The equipment operating status data, fault alarms, etc. of the vending machine are transmitted to the vending machine management platform through the 4G\5G network, and the management platform can remotely issue commands and control the vending machine to implement various instructions. Such as: cargo road out of stock replenishment, price adjustment, stop sales, etc., operators can remotely monitor the operation and sales of each vending machine, to facilitate remote terminals to obtain out-of-stock information for replenishment, to ensure that maintenance personnel know the current situation in real time The indicators of the sales operation are optimized.

System functions:

1. Realize 3G/4G wireless networking of vending machines, so that they have stable communication capabilities.

2. Real-time secure transmission of data such as inventory quantity and payment information of vending machines.

3. Realize the remote control operation of the vending machine switch and adjust the commodity price.

4. Real-time remote monitoring of the operating status of routers and vending machines.

5. Realize remote fault diagnosis, precise alarm, and remote repair of communication faults.

6, to achieve remote video surveillance to prevent equipment from being vandalized

7, to achieve WIFI coverage around the vending machine, can provide advertising push and Internet services for consumers

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