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PLC remote diagnosis and maintenance application solution

With the introduction of "Industry 4.0" by Germany, China has also proposed "Made in China 2025". "Made in China 2025" proposes: Accelerate the intelligent transformation of production equipment in machinery, aviation, shipbuilding, automobile, light industry, textile, food, electronics and other industries, improve precision manufacturing and agile manufacturing capabilities; coordinate layout and promote intelligent transportation and intelligence Development and industrialization of engineering machinery, service robots, smart home appliances, smart lighting appliances, wearable devices, etc.; development of new manufacturing models based on Internet-based personalized customization, crowdsourcing design, cloud manufacturing, etc., to promote the formation of dynamic perception based on consumer demand R&D, manufacturing and industrial organization.

The development of modern large industry has made industrial control equipment more and more complex and more and more automated. The damage caused by the failure caused by the automatic control is huge, and the maintenance ability of the production enterprise is limited. The cost of fault diagnosis and maintenance is high every time the user goes to the site. Therefore, it is urgent to establish a remote real-time monitoring and diagnosis. The maintenance system is jointly implemented by equipment providers, enterprise technicians and industry experts to prevent, maintain and diagnose remote devices in a timely and accurate manner.

With the vigorous development of 4G and the Internet of Things, it has brought new ideas to all walks of life, and has raised the concept of remote diagnosis to a new level. The production enterprises, scientific research institutions, and equipment suppliers have been more closely integrated. Together, the study of remote diagnosis has important practical significance:

 (1) Provide a wider range of resource sharing and avoid duplication of development;

 (2) Production enterprises obtain the latest diagnostic knowledge, diagnostic methods and technologies from scientific research institutions and equipment suppliers through the Internet, improve the company's ability to prevent new types of faults, reduce the failure rate, and continuously improve the fault diagnosis level of enterprises;

 (3) Improve the service level of equipment suppliers. Equipment suppliers provide remote consultation, diagnosis and maintenance for enterprises through the Internet, train employees of enterprises, and realize “moving is data instead of people”, saving travel maintenance costs. And improve the quality of maintenance services and customer satisfaction;

 (4) Improve the theoretical research ability of scientific research institutions. Scientific research institutions obtain first-hand equipment operation data and enterprise needs from the enterprise site through the Internet, which provides a basis for further improving product design. At the same time, the ability to combine the theory and practice of scientific research institutions is improved.

System composition:

1, the field end (device side)

As shown in the above figure, the front-end equipments are connected to the corresponding interfaces of the industrial-grade 4G routers of ADAER through the interfaces of the corresponding data acquisition devices (such as PLC), and the field ends are connected through VPN or APN/VPDN networking. The monitoring center end group is built into a virtual private LAN, which is highly secure.

2. Monitoring center (manufacturer, supplier monitoring service center)

As shown in the figure above, when the industrial-grade 4G router successfully establishes a connection with the monitoring center through the VPN or APN/VPDN networking mode, the maintenance personnel at the central end can remotely monitor the status of each field device at any time to detect the fault in time. Timely diagnosis and maintenance operations can save the company a lot of manpower, material resources and financial expenses, and provide a strong guarantee for the company to win customer satisfaction, improve business operation efficiency, and increase corporate profits.

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